How to make easy-peasy hazelnut stuffed apple dumplings

How to make easy-peasy hazelnut stuffed apple dumplings

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Grab your apples - any type of baking apple will do (my fav is Northern Spy) - clean and peel and core them. Make sure to leave them whole!

If you don't have a fancy apple coring contraption keep reading! If you do, then skip ahead to step 8...

Using a sharp paring knife, slice around the core of your apple making a square or pentagon-like shape.

Turn the apple over and make the same incisions on the other side.

Then use your thumbs to push the core through the apple, removing the seeds with it!

Use the point of your knife to pick out remaining seeds or casings that may still be inside. Gently tap the apple against the cutting board to get the bits out, and there you have your cored apple.

Grab your filling of choice! This time I used a combination of a couple chocolate hazelnut spreads. You can try with jams, nut butters, whatever tickles your fancy really.

Spoon in your filling on one open end, then flip the apples over and spoon in some more until the apple centers are completely stuffed. Try not to get too messy!

Great! Your apples are pretty much ready! Now on to the pastry...

Get out your thawed puff pastry and roll it out into a long piece - one square at a time. (I only made 2 apples so I used half a package - just one square)

Cut the puff pastry into long strips about an inch thick. This will be used to wrap around the apples like a mummy.

Starting with the top opening of your apple, make a 'v' shape to cover the centre opening like so...

Wrap the rest of the strip around the apple making sure to overlap the pastry and press down firmly at the overlap. If a strip finishes, attach another and keep going until the apple is fully encased.

Don't let any apple show through, the pastry shroud is what will help cook the apple. (optional: use an egg wash to get it extra golden) then into a 400F oven for about 30min until they're gooey.

They're ready! Eat with a dollop of chocolate hazelnut spread and/or ice cream. A delicious end to any meal! Let me know what you end up doing with it. :)

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