How to create red glitter vamp eye perfect for halloween

How to create red glitter vamp eye perfect for halloween

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This is the same look not as intense I wore on Saturday night xxx. Enjoy my guide this look is more intense xxxx

First prime the lid I've used foundation you can use eye primer or foundation it's only to help the colours stay and be more intense

Taking my mac contour brush I'm placing the colour to lids and bringing to a point close to tear duct

Illamasqua neutral palette for you people in USA I know you can get Illamasqua check it out it's strong pigments and British brand so what's not to love xxx

Taking a small liner brush I've took black shadow onto lash line and bringing into an angle at the tear duct

Outer corner I've taken out to a flick at lower lash

Into the black I've used mac blender brush into my brow bone blending colours into each other blending is so important I hate harsh line so amateurish

On my hand I've taken red shadow and pigment again both Illamasqua with mixing medium it makes pigments stronger

Taking small brush adding the red shadow and pigment along lower lashes and lids

Lining my waterline top and bottom with black kohl tricky but so worth it x

before the glitter goes on you can stop at this point but its Halloween an excuse to go for it x. I've also intensified my brow using black and brown wet shadow a strong look needs a strong brow

So with glitter fixing gel I've added red glitter over the area I added red shadow

now I've added fluttery lashes tracked the line of lashes with liquid liner intensified bottom line with liquid liner and blended more gold into brow bone a great look for Halloween for sexy devil x

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