How to generate and best use your r2d2 dss report

How to generate and best use your r2d2 dss report

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From the main screen choose the R2D2 file on the left on the windows side. Many stores have this report automatically print every morning to review.

Click the R2D2 file to open it

These are your R2D2 reports. Click on the Daily Sales and Service (DSS) file to open it.

Click on enable macros

Use the down arrow to choose a date you would like to review.

This is your DSS report; you could review it on screen or print to review it. Notice your peak hour highlighted & ensure staffing for peak matches your schedule. As seasons change your peak can also.

Review discrepancies and focus on the peaks. Recommend using the R2D2 pre review to make sure your scheduling manager is protecting the peaks. Balance profit and operations and build the business

Can be used to review cash to present (45) standard. Identify major opportunities but key on the peak hours that have the potential to build guest counts. "Build the business"

Use it to look at opening and closing hour volume, and collar hour volume to see if you should be open earlier, or to see the results of your opening earlier or cLosing later decision. "Build it"

In addition to looking at extended hour potential you might find that there is 24 hour potential or at least 24/2, ask your consultant to help you with a break even analysis if you don't have the file

2nd side utilization is what your looking for here. Look for hours that call for 2nd side to be open breakfast starting @ 155 sandwiches regular menu 140-147. Look @ peak collar hrs to open 2nd side.

At the bottom for the day total you should see a minimum of 20% utilization on the secondary side. Peak hour should see 30% and up utilization. Improve your through put and capacity.

DT car counts: look at peak hr car counts and collar hr potential to build. Look at the day total and set goals to beat the high for each particular day. "Build the business" and "Build your profits"

Many stores are now tracking record car counts for each day of the week. Example -Friday 1173 cars

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