How to make homemade bar soap

How to make homemade bar soap

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Gather your supplies! The stuff in the background aren't supplies

First you need to grate the soap. I used hotel soap because I'm that cheap. But you can use any type to your liking! (:

Now grate all the soap you have!

This is what it should look like when done. I am shredding more, this is just an example.

Next add some good smelling body wash (: I prefer Bath & Bodyworks Black Amethyst

Add about a small palmful

Now add some water. Not much. As much at the amount of bodywash you put in

Now. Take the cup and place it in the microwave for 30 seconds

Take this and pour it in your mold while its hot

Now that it's in it's mold, if you have enough it should fill the mold. For me, I didn't have enough so just try to form it into a ball.

Now it's freezer time!! Plop it in the Freezer for a good 2-3 hours. It should freeze an you should have perfectly good soap! (: enjoy!

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