How to make a diy calcium/ lime scale loosener

How to make a diy calcium/ lime scale loosener

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I used 4 Tbs of my diluted orange vinegar, you can use white vinegar, & you can use more. Looking back this probably would have been a good time to use the orange vinegar undiluted, at full strength.

Equal amount of lemon juice. I didn't use enough in this batch.

This is WAY too much dish soap, I learned the hard way. It took forever to clean off of my sink with this much soap. Next time I'll use 1/4 tsp or less. Maybe 3-4 drops.

1/4 tsp baking soda. Be ready- its going to start foaming up! Use a bigger container or mix over your sink. Or- sprinkle baking soda directly on your faucet first, then wipe down with this mixture.

Starting to foam up already!

Mix. Starts to foam WAY more- be ready!

Crusty faucet. Notice the build up on the HOT water handle. I've tried CLR (calcium lime & rust) remover and other things on this, nothing has worked.

I put the foam mixture all over this and let it sit.

I have a nasty old kitchen with a super gross sink. Im not ready to replace it yet, but I hate looking at how gross it is. Put foam on, then sprinkled extra baking soda on over that.

Scrub, let sit, scrub some more.

Added more foam to the really bad spots.

Looks pretty good! There is some pitting in the finish from two years of calcium and lime build up, but the build up is gone! Our water is really hard, even with a water softener system.

The pictures in this guide were from my first attempt at using this mixture. Next time I'll use less soap & more lemon juice & vinegar. I'll also use my orange vinegar at full strength

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