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Radio: Screwdrivers

 Radio: Screwdrivers

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When it comes to screwdrivers, make sure you're using the right one for the job.

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For slothead screws, the width of the screwdriver is important. The head should be approximately the width of the screw head; any wider and it could do damage. If it's narrower, you lose power. For Phillips head screws, you need a Phillips head screwdriver sized to the screw head. If it's too small, it could mangle the head and make the screw impossible to drive.

Never use slothead screwdrivers on Phillips head screws; you'll damage both. A great gift for the handyperson in your house is a screwdriver with interchangeable bits of various types and sizes encased in the handle for quick changes.

For tough jobs, try a little candle wax on the screw to make it easier to drive. For more leverage, try a longer screwdriver. And it takes a little longer, but pre-drilling pilot holes can save a lot of work and give better results.

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