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 Radio: Dishwasher Care

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Your dishwasher does a lot to make your life easier; here are a couple things you can do to make its life longer!

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You may notice calcium deposits on your dishes after a while, yellowing, perhaps a white ring around the gasket on the door or food detritus left behind after a wash. My favorite household remedy is to add a cup of of tang powder (yes, tang the drink mix) to the washload every couple of weeks. The citric acid in the powder will dissolve mineral and food deposits and help your machine run cleaner. Follow up with a run of baking soda and vinegar periodically. Your dishwasher will run great, and you shouldn't see spots or film on your dishes.

It's easy to overlook, but you also want to clean the area around your dishwasher's door and gasket regularly. When gunk builds up there, the door doesn't seal correctly and you can start to get small leaks, which you may not see until they start causing bigger problems in the floor underneath.

If you only run it when it's full, your dishwasher will live longer and cost you less!

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