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Quenching Thirst on the Job Site

Quenching Thirst on the Job Site

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Working on a job site through a scorching, dusty summer day requires pacing and hydration, and now, perhaps for the first time, you can get help with both from a package hanging off one of your biceps. Kenmark Sports has created an arm-slung holder for both a 16-ounce aluminum water bottle and a smart phone/MP3 player the size of an iPhone.

It's common enough to see joggers and cyclists listening to a smart phone that's strapped to a bicep. And hikers often have a water bladder strung between their shoulder blades. Kenmark's $30 Armband Water Bottle could be the first cross-over between the two ideas.

Made of black neoprene and held in place by two wide, elastic straps, the Armband has two pockets; one for the bottle and one (covered with clear plastic) for your portable media player of choice.

Kenmark Sports' Armband Water Bottle with iPhone/iPod holder

The bottle is given a satin finish of fire-engine red, navy blue, or black, and is capped with the standard finger-loop screw-in top (with a lanyard hole). A flap can be stretched over the bottle top to prevent it from slipping out, but even hanging on my spindly arm, the bottle wouldn't budge no matter how I tried to shake it loose.

The second pouch holds a smart phone (also snugly) and is Velcro'd to the water-bottle pocket. You'd be hard pressed to use any controls through the plastic window, but it's easy enough to just rip the pouch free and squeeze out your player to take a call, switch podcasts, or take a picture.

The Armband is as secure as billed, but I won't lie to you, it's bulky. Phones might one day be thin as tattoos, but 16 ounces of water is always going to be 16 ounces of water.

That's unlikely to matter to you when you're crouched on an asphalt-shingle roof debating a climb down for a little drink of water. And what's it worth not having something else in your pockets?

I'd drink to that alone.

For more information on the Armband Water Bottle, visit Kenmark Sports.

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